Single Use Tech

Single Use Tech

Our experts in Single Use technologies can help you optimize every step of your manufacturing process. From Lab scale to cGMP production, we can provide valuable insight to help improve your operations and eliminate risk. The premade kits, assemblies, and transfer sets are pre-designed to your specifications and Ready-To-Use, right out of the box. Our team can assist in several product categories and step operations.

Tubing assemblies

The Single Use tubing assemblies are designed to your specifications and provided gamma irradiated and ready to use. Eliminate the need to perform cleaning validation and have your process up and running. All materials meet USP Class VI requirements and utilize standard fluid handling products and components.

Over Molded Assemblies

Over molded assemblies were designed to minimize the potential of leaks and breaks in a fluid transfer system associated with too many mechanical junctions. The overmold technology creates a crevice free, single piece fitting and junction that eliminates the risk associated with critical filling and fluid transfer steps.

Filter Assemblies

After your engineers work with our filtration experts to specify the correct filter, we can supply a plug and play filtration and fluid path assembly. Standardizing on filtration assemblies, creates a single part number that ensures you receive and implement the same product each time you run your process, elimating any potential for production errors associated with incorrect assembly. This allows manufactures to focus on their critical process steps required to make consistent product.

Single Use Bags and Liners

Single Use bags are a key component in any disposable, high purity bioprocess operation. These are commonly used in buffers, storage, transfer, and bioreactors. The high quality bags and liners are interchangeable with most standard equipment. Our state-of-the-art production and test equipment ensure you receive repeatable and reliable bioprocess container bag. With recent innovations in film technologies, we can provide unique solutions that meet your strict requirements for extractables, leachables, and barrier materials.

Single Use Tech Examples

Practical knowledge and experience

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